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The basis of the spiritual paradigm is the fact of existence of the spiritual (immaterial) world that is the source and the origin of everything happening in the material world that we perceive through our organs of sense. The key postulate of this paradigm is the concept of The Creator as the ultimate origin of our world. The primordial quality of the Creator is the consciousness, i.e. the ability to understand, to realize, to comprehend as well as to create new information.

The spiritual reality of our world came into being as a result of the Creator's first thought. All the world has been created entirely from the beginning to the end in the spiritual reality, and only then the prototypes created in the mind of The Creator began to incarnate into the material forms like the waves on the water surface or like the Big Bang. Thus the material world has emerged.

This is the most ancient paradigm serving as a basis for all spiritual traditions of the world including Vedas (Hinduism), Avesta (Zoroastrism), Tora (Judaism), New Testament (Christianity), Koran (Islam).

Out of the historical misunderstanding since 17th century the modern science holds to the material paradigm that completely denies the existence of the spiritual, immaterial, informational reality. The scientific paradigm is a subject of faith, so any debates about the accuracy of one or another paradigm are meaningless and unscientific. The paradigm is accepted by the majority of the members of the society as an obvious fact.